Why Jasper joined the VSO community…

Japser Kasbergen, freelance photographer
– 45 years old


Last autumn I went to Ethiopia as a photographer for VSO. Together with a small team we collected the images and stories of the project in Benishangul-Gumuz for VSO. Here, VSO works to make primary education accessible to 10,000 children. VSO’s approach inspired me enormously. VSO doesn’t perform a simple trick and then leaves again. No, VSO works on lasting change. I want to contribute to this! That’s why I registered with the VSO community and offer my experience and knowledge as a photographer. “


As a volunteer I seriously feel as if I’m a part of VSO. This allows me to really contribute to the goals of VSO. VSO’s working method is based on sharing knowledge and thus generating lasting impact. By working as a volunteer for an organisation like VSO, I am not helping to mop up, but with really closing the tap. I am part of the international VSO community. We work together as volunteers worldwide to create a world without poverty.


Not helping to mop up, but with really turning off the tap.

What makes the community interesting is that volunteers from all sorts of different disciplines are deployed. In this way you can learn from each other, meet like-minded people, inspire each other and interesting interaction can develop. You help each other out from your own network. You can give each other tips about interesting articles, events and simply reach each other easily and share experience and knowledge. It is great to be involved with VSO in this way and to meet fellow volunteers via the platform and of course at live events.